A Gorgeous Destination Wedding in Antigua Guatemala

By: Saguzo Eventos

Each year, more and more couples are finding another way to set themselves apart. If you are one of those special couples who are seeking an intimate ceremony and spectacular reception on a truly beautiful place with the highest possible level of attention and care to every element of your wedding, then this is the article for you.

Anna and David tied the knot in Antigua Guatemala, and the wedding was breathtaking romantic!

Antigua Guatemala is the perfect location for a Destination Wedding because it´s wonderful, and has a little bit of everything. Antigua is recognized for its colonial architecture, Holy Week, beautiful surroundings, coffee, cobblestone streets, typical sweets, cultural activities, “alfombras” (sawdust carpets), Spanish schools, local and international cuisine, folklore and mysticism, jade, crafts, and much more. With everything it has to offer, Antigua Guatemala is the most popular place for a Destination Wedding in Central America!

Congratulations on your wonderful wedding in Antigua Anna and David!


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